300 Entries!

Well, here I am on the new site! It’s a little cleaner, a little less homey, but that’s ok. What a coincidence that this new format happens on my three hundredth entry! That Greg Euchner who complained when I was not sufficiently dramatic for my 100th entry. Somewhat ironically, my 300th entry is currently the only entry on my new site as it’s not easy to move the other two hundred and ninety-nine entries into this new WordPress format. I’ll get them on here eventually, but I may have to dedicate more than an afternoon to the process.

As for the name of the next iteration of my blog, there were some good suggestions! I was really tempted by Greg Euchner’s suggestion, “Sam’s Blog: The Next Iteration.” I thought of a title myself when I was eating brunch at a Mexican restaurant. “Panquekas de maize ” sounded a little like “Pancake Demise,” which also was nearly my blog title. Finally, though, my father’s suggestion of “Sam’s Blog” won out because, I don’t know, I just like the simple straightforwardness of it. It helped that when I logged into Word Press I discovered that I already had a blog in which there were no entries and whose title was “Sam’s Blog.” That swayed my decision ever so slightly.

Anyway, check this out.

Two representatives of Balian and Javanese folklore.
Two representatives of Balian and Javanese folklore.

These are two masks my childhood friend from Indonesia gave me in high school and I just put up now. More importantly, though, this is an in-post picture. You can look forward to much more interesting formatting in my posts from now on. I still need to personalize the theme as well. This orange circles thing is fine, but it’s just the default. I’ll be looking around in my spare time for other things that I can do on this blog. Keep an eye out!

Many thanks for all your support these past three hundred weeks, my dear readers.



9 thoughts on “300 Entries!”

  1. I like ‘Pancake Demise’ a lot. I think it says a lot about the human condition. However, I think ‘Sam’s Blog’ is just fine as a title. Sometimes if you give a blog an unrelated name a lot of strangers find your blog by accident. I knew someone who thought that pancakes were evil organisms when I was a kid, and had you named your blog ‘Pancake Demise’ he might have made it here by mistake, thinking the blog contained vital information about how to kill pancakes.


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