Panettone Tin

A few years ago I filled an enormous, beautiful tin with freshly ground peanut butter. A week ago, I emptied some very stale peanut butter from a spacious, lovely tin. Now I have a big, attractive, empty tin that smells like stale peanut butter.


What can I do with this tin? Well, it just so happens that my tin reminds me of a popcorn container I had a long time ago. It had four different kinds of popcorn all in the same tin. The secret was putting paper or some lightweight separator between the different kinds of popcorn, making one single big tin into a veritable smorgasbord of snack food, one that would be very nice to bring to a party! I have some cardboard that could serve this purpose.

The trick is to cut the cardboard short enough to fit in the tin. One carboard wall should be taller than the other. Cut a vertical slice nearly all the way up the taller cardboard, far enough to fit the other cardboard wall in, but leaving enough room for the taller wall to remain stable. Then stick the taller wall on the smaller, and voila!


Your very own multi-snack tin! Now, what to put in it? Four different kinds of popcorn? Four different kinds of peanuts? Four different kinds of Chex Mix? Individually-wrapped candy? A medley of different snack foods? That’s up to you! Fill it up and take it to a big party! See if people can empty such a massive container as hard as they try! Fill it with different variations on a favorite recipe and see which runs out first (provided you have a recipe for dry snack food)! If you put foods with a long shelf life in you can keep this tin around as a treat for guests! That is, if you have a tin like this to start with like I did.


7 thoughts on “Panettone Tin”

    1. Odd numbers of snack foods are a more complex engineering task than even. If you can find a sixth snack food, you can build another wall to split two of the four sections, creating two more sections.

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