Marinated Tofu

Here’s a picture of the various ingredients that went into my marinated tofu.IMG_20140706_211431404

Unfortunately, I was unable to find in Maine the extra-firm dry-packaged tofu I wanted, so I had to use water-packaged tofu instead.


Then I pressed it and soaked it and made several flavors.


From the top left and continuing left-to-right and top-to-bottom:

  1. General Tso’s donated by my aunt Rebecca.
  2. A1 barbecue sauce
  3. Miso ginger lemon
  4. Teriyaki sauce
  5. Pink Moscato Wine
  6. Bangkok spicy peanut sauce
  7. Bangkok spicy peanut sauce with olive oil
  8. Olive oil and something
  9. Olive oil and sesame ginger sauce
  10. Mustard and lemon
  11. Sweet and sour sauce and lemon


Now they have soaked and I am baking them. Here is the first batch laid out on the pans. These are baking as I type. Here they are partly baked.


As of this morning, a taste test of lemon-mustard has proved successful. My aunt Kate, my sister and my parents seemed to like it. Alice and I liked it, too. There was another one that only Alice and I tried that seemed to be egg flavored. I don’t recall making any egg-marinades…

The final product took two gigantic plates to display.



Folks liked the tofu all right, but it seemed like opinions were divided along liking tofu lines. This tofu unfortunately was unable to break the tofu barrier. If we had been able to find the dry-packaged tofu it may have been different, or it may not have. Our pre-packaged sauces didn’t all seem to take like we would have liked, so maybe making our own sauces would have worked better. In any case, I will try and have another tofu-based feast sometime in the future when I have all the proper materials and see if I can win some converts


3 thoughts on “Marinated Tofu”

  1. Sam, Please t ell your Mot her and R achel that I send belated birthday greet ings. I I still remember the night that Rachel was born. You st ayed at our house w hile your Mom and Dad went into NYC. You woke up 5 minu tes. before your Dad called to say Rachel w as born. He t houg ht he had awakened you, but I told him you were awake 5 min. before t he phone rang . Happy birthday to your Mom and Ra chel and Happy vacat i on t o everybody. T hanks for calling to assure me t hat you would be on vacat i on this week. I thoug ht s o, but just wan ted t o be certain. Love, Grandma

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