Sam’s Blog Classic: “The Cemetery”

I’m not feeling particularly inspired this week, so I’m going to start a tradition known as “Sam’s Blog Classic,” where I post an entry from the old version of my blog. In addition to giving me an occasional respite from coming up with new things every week, this will serve as an opportunity for more recent readers of my blog to see the kind of things that I did when the blog and I were younger. I will do my best to use “Sam’s Blog Classic” sparingly so as not to bore my long-time readers.

This particular entry comes from a summer that I stayed at Earlham.

Yesterday the power was out all day. I took a shower in ice-cold water and had to use the light on my camera to navigate a pitch-black bathroom. Evidently someone had gone before me with no such light; the evidence lay in pools on the the tiled floor. Earlham has an odd habit of becoming a madhouse whenever the power goes out. The last time it happened was a Monday and people whooped and hollered and shot fireworks all night. “How can we go to sleep when all the lights are out!?” So, in honor of the occasion I jumped out the window.

It wasn’t a particularly long drop, only two stories. My right foot wasn’t too happy with me for a little while (Trivia junkies, I’ll leave it to you to remember whether or not that was the foot with the famous necrosis). In any case, people were serving free food at the mysterious Norwich Lodge hidden in Earlham back-campus, so I made it my first order of business to limp over there.

Too early! Lunch is being served at twelve, not eleven! So, I simply had to wait it out for an hour in the cabin and (guh) socialize. An eager but underconfident physics student from China, Dee, told me about the heirarchy of CS students, and his secret fear of being judged for his coding ability. I assured him that he didn’t need to worry. As a physics major, he wasn’t even included in the rankings. No one expected him to code well. Cory showed up again and we discussed his cryptonomicon book, then we engaged in such intellectual topics as recounting the latest Family Guy word-for-word. My long unacknowledged ability to perfectly imitate Cleveland Brown’s accent proved invaluable in this stage of the conversation.

Eventually lunch ended, and Cory and I left for home, although I mistakenly led him down the wrong path which we followed for an hour, finding a little-league baseball game but no Earlham College. After backtracking for another hour, we finally made it back to the lodge. Amazingly, I managed to convince Cory to follow me down another path, which (thank goodness) turned out to be the one I had originally intended to take and got us back to Wilson hall quickly and conveniently.

You’d think after that I’d be sick of the woods, but no, not me. Today I wandered in again and found myself in the Earlham cemetery again, which was closed again. I actually edited out the blog entry of my first encounter with the Earlham Cemetery because it ended in an only slightly bloody encounter with a rusty barbed wire fence. It was earlier in the day today, and yesterday I didn’t encounter any resistance, so I thought I’d just leisurely walk along until I might be able to find a nicer exit. A man in a truck pulled up to me and gruffly informed me that the cemetery was closed. I told him I had wandered in through the woods, and he said, with furtive glances at some nearby tombstones “No, no. That won’t do at all. Yeh’d best get outta here, boy. Keep along this road and yeh’ll find an opening in the fence leading to I-40. Hurry, now, ’tis almost sundown!” Indeed there was a flimsy plastic fence rather than rusted steel spikes between the cemetery and I-40, and all I had to do was step over it. I think I’m going to wander in the woods earlier in the day from now on. Somehow repeatedly ticking off the souls of the deceased doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea to me.

I finally found my camera – it was in my coat pocket! Here are some pictures of my room.

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