Sam, Alice, and Dead

Alice and I took a horse ride today  at Dead Broke Farm. One of the most fun things about this farm is that Google shortens its name in email conversations so that the top of my inbox now reads “conversation between Sam, Alice, and Dead.”

Strangely morbid coincidences aside, our ride at Dead Broke Farms was especially pleasing because of the collection of animals that joined us. Besides the horses, we were treated to a little dog that happily trotted alongside us, occasionally dodging out of the way of an enormous horse hoof just in time, and a deer.


The deer is especially interesting because we did not just see her in passing as one usually sees deer. Instead, this deer stalked us. At first she kept her distance, but as we rode she would bound along after us and get closer and closer. After a while she was within a few yards of me. When I pulled out my phone to take a picture, my horse, Fancy, suddenly started towards the deer and caused her to bound off again. It wasn’t long before she was back, though.


The guide suspects that her little dog was the reason for the deer’s unusual interest in us. The guide said the little dog looked a bit like a coyote, and the deer had recently given birth to some fauns that she may have been feeling protective of. We saw the fauns in question later. You can click on the image to get a better picture of one of the fauns. It looks  a lot like its mother, and is in the same position, but I swear it’s not the same animal.


What this deer was planning to do if for some reason we decided we did want to mess with her fauns was anyone’s guess.


2 thoughts on “Sam, Alice, and Dead”

  1. I think if you had decided to mess with the fauns, it would have become a movie called “Dead Broke: Revenge is Deer.”

  2. Greg, that is awesome! Actually, I was a little frightened of the deer because I know some people who deer did manage to hurt by startling the horses the people were riding. Luckily for us, our horses were not the nervous type and the deer was not very good at sneaking up on horses– she was far more obvious.

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