Sheepdogs and Mac OSX Yosemite

Let me tell a story based on one my friend, who wishes to be known only as “Greg,” told me. This friend of mine and I were discussing some rather high-profile recent events. The story is this: Imagine a herd of sheep and two groups of sheepdog. Each group of sheepdog is trying to herd the sheep into a different pen. The first group of sheepdogs herds the sheep into their pen, then the second group of sheepdogs, reasoning that they won’t be able to herd the sheep at all if they lose track of them, enters the pen with the sheep. Then the farmer closes the pens, one completely empty and one full of sheep and some confused sheepdogs that no one is sure what they are doing there or what they were trying to accomplish in the first place.

Also recently, I successfully installed the latest version of Mac, called “Yosemite,” on my laptop computer. Then I tried to install it on the desktop computer and that computer stopped booting. I needed to get a wire from my old team leader to transfer some of the files I otherwise would lose and he said this fiasco fit neatly into the “Sam’s rush to upgrade” narrative that he had been building where I repeatedly insist on upgrading to the latest version of a software against his advice, and hilarity ensues. Needless to say, he found this narrative rather entertaining and spent the next few minutes remembering it for everyone’s benefit. Eventually I walked away from his pontificating and returned to my seat when one of the art team, who sits on the other side of the aisle from us, said, “you installed Yosemite?”

I had had quite enough, and said, “I really don’t get why everybody thinks that upgrading to Yosemite is such a terrible idea!”

The art team member shrunk a little bit and said, “I uh, just thought that that since you installed Yosemite, that makes you Yosemite Sam.”

I found a list of Yosemite Sam quotes, but it’s difficult to find one that would be appropriate in this situation. Most of them are either thickly-accented nonsense or threats against an unnamed rabbit.


5 thoughts on “Sheepdogs and Mac OSX Yosemite”

  1. It has to be instantly recognizable, which can be accomplished with a halfway decent impression and the benefit that Yosemite Sam has already been primed in the listener’s minds.

    Next, it must be relevant to the situation. This can be as simple as pretending to disagree, or in Yosemite Sam’s case, pretending that the person speaking to you is Bugs Bunny. This gets around the limitation that all of Sam’s most recognizable lines directly reference Bugs.

    So, probably, I could have said something like “Oooooooo! That’s what you think, Rabbit!”

    It’s much easier to analyze and make this selection after the fact than in the one second window allowed for good comedic timing, which is why I’m a computer scientist and not a comedian.

  2. Let me see… The winning sheepdogs are Republicans and the losing sheepdogs are Democrats? And the group formerly known as the Democratic wing of the Democratic party has disappeared?

    1. It’s a bit of a stronger metaphor than what actually happened this last election. Clearly Democrats are still more liberal than Republicans, and thank goodness we are beginning to have a progressive wing of the democratic party, but it illustrates my concern about moving to the right to try and win elections.

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