Another hiatus from The Cleaners. Very busy with work. I expect to be back with the next installment next weekend. I made a huge meal for my parents for Mother’s Day this weekend and visited my girlfriend’s mother and stepfather as well. Her two dogs Zeke and Reuben hang out outside her parents house, and they greeted us. Zeke has a very peculiar bark that I’d like to introduce to you this week in the form of a free verse poem.

Zeke sits in his pen, peering into the hearts of men. “Oh oh” he howls, “oh woe.”

What does he see, that he should mourn so? “Oh oh, woe woe”

Zeke, why do you cry out, so terrible and slow? “Oh woe,” is all he replies, “Oh woe. Woe woe.”


3 thoughts on “Zeke”

  1. I’ve just driven 7 hours straight and would have bet nothing could have put a smile on my face tonight, but this did – thanks, Sam! I don’t know if you’ve turned your hand to poetry before but I hope you do again!

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