The Baby

In lieu of a full entry, this holiday season I offer to you a report on a continuing phenomenon that I refer to only as “The Baby.” Recently I visited my hometown, and the grocery store there had the following display: A child stares directly at the camera with bright blue eyes while a woman, presumably the mother, nuzzles him or her.IMG_20151117_191701040.jpg

Presumably most of you noticed that while both of the original child’s eyes may very well have been blue, one appears to have been replaced with a hazel-colored eye, that of an adult woman and looking in a different direction. I did not have any explanation for this, except that it looks like the display may have been damaged, and the alternative eye may have been an attempted fix to the loss of the child’s original eye.

In any case, this correction was evidently deemed insufficient because the next time I visited, the child was wearing sunglasses to hide her mismatched eyes.

IMG_20151226_085149825.jpgThe child also sported some fancy new eyebrows to go with the sunglasses. I will continue to examine this display as I visit my hometown and report further changes.


3 thoughts on “The Baby”

  1. I shop at this store every week and have never paid very much attention to this fascinating and important phenomenon. I paid only slightly more attention when you mentioned it to me on our last visit to the store. But now that there is a published article and two photographs, I am very interested. I will assist in this important journalistic endeavor.

    Thank you, Sam.

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