Boring Entry #1

This is one of those entries where I have nothing to say, but I have to post every week, or I don’t get to say that I’ve posted every week for seven years. I will refer to this and future such entries as “boring entries.” These entries are too uninteresting to deserve individual titles, so I will number them instead.

This has been just about the most boring weekend in recent memory. Most of what I’ve been doing this weekend has been copyediting my dissertation. That is, I have been carefully reading through 120 pages of work looking for tiny mistypes and places where edits have accidentally added extra words or words have been lost. It takes a long time, and is not terribly intellectually engaging.

It’s finally hot enough that I don’t have to wear a coat in the morning. I don’t mind wearing a coat in the morning except that it’s been hot enough that I can’t stand to wear a coat in the midafternoon for about a week, so I’ve been awkwardly carrying my coat on my walk to the bus stop when I leave work.

I tried to make pressure cooker chili, but the chili was so easy to get stuck to the bottom and burn that I turned the heat down to three. This was so low that the pressure cooker simply couldn’t build up the pressure it needed, so I left it to cook without the top, that is, like a regular pot. Somehow it burned anyway, but not enough to ruin the flavor. Alice just had to clean some very ugly pots that evening. I do the cooking and she does the cleaning.

On March 23 I defend my dissertation. On March 28, I will turn in a draft to my school’s official dissertation formatting police, who will issue commands for what I need to correct before I turn in the final copy on April 11. In May I have my graduation ceremony and my job becomes what is referred to in common parlance as a “real job,” and at the end of June I get kicked out of student housing. So, I’ll be finding a new apartment as well. Maybe I can figure out a way to write a blog entry at that time that will make looking for an apartment entertaining.


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