The Next Level

First of all, I have turned in my official error-free copy of my dissertation. It has been approved. That in and of itself is not enough for a full blog entry, though.

Recently, I moved into my new office. Before, I was in a cubicle next to a ping-pong table, and I got to listen to ping-pong when I was trying to work. It was just about when the new crop of student interns was arriving and planning ping-pong tournaments that I got to escape.

The only free office was one floor above where my cubicle was and the rest of my team as well. This leads to some funny situations where I will eat with my team and then when they take the elevator and get ready to exit at the fifth floor, I push the button for the sixth floor and wave goodbye. This scene seems to resonate with them particularly. Every time it happens, my  fifth floor coworkers, no matter who they are, seem to view it as a minor tragedy with a chorus of “awws” and sympathetic frowns.

Certainly, working on the same floor is how a team’s members can be guaranteed to run into each other during day-to-day activities. Now I’m surrounded by strangers when I move from one place to the next up on floor six. However, I’m also right next to  a stairwell, which places me closer to a number of my coworkers than I was in the cubicle.

Besides being on the sixth floor, my office is internal, meaning it has no windows to the outside. This is not as bad as I expected it to be. The key, in my opinion, is that the external offices across the hall often leave their doors open, letting the hall have natural light. I also leave my door open and walk out to look through windows during my breaks.

I also have a plan to make a “faux window” of sorts, placing a natural backdrop behind me and a large mirror in front of me. I mentioned this to a linguist over lunch yesterday, and she informed me that she had done almost precisely the same thing. Not only that, but she had later taken it down and had the natural scene rolled up in her desk drawer. I was welcome to borrow it, so now I just need to get a mirror. I was thinking of a 60″ x 60″ one, but those apparently cost upwards of $1000, so I will have to investigate more deeply before I make a decision there.


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