The Pokémon train

Precisely as fast as a speeding locomotive, the pokemon trainer Hedgeraux blasts across the landscape. He comes in range of a pokestop that begins to open its doors to give him a crucial item – too slow! He’s already far away! A rare pokemon appears for him to catch, and disappears on the horizon behind him! He develops a painstaking strategy of timing and skill and manages to engage a Pokémon before it’s miles away! It vanishes in a puff of smoke! This happens for a number of different pokemon and he begins to wonder why. Never slowing down, he looks up that the game punishes people who hack the geolocation system by making pokemon flee more frequently. The game also doesn’t understand the concept of a train, so he can neither use pokestops nor catch pokemon. You may wonder why he’s even still playing on the train. He sometimes wonders that himself.


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