A Cavalcade of Gratitude

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This past few days has been a cavalcade of gratitude. It started with an email in which I sent out a my thanks to everyone I acknowledged in my dissertation. Pretty nerve wracking writing it since there were so many recipients, some of whom were not likely to even remember who I was, since I had only spoken with them once at a conference or used their research. Nobody has emailed me to ask who I am and how exactly it was that they helped me yet.

The next thank you was a supper for the individuals who helped Alice and me move into our new apartment. Since we asked them to move so many heavy objects such as a fancy desk Alice inherited from a roommate and a couch manufactured before I was born (complete with dense metal interior with complex contraptions that try to fall out and attack you when you lift it) we thought they deserved a particularly special party.

So, I went on the web and pulled up a roast chicken recipe. For perhaps the first time I skipped the “easy” recipe and went to the “perfect” recipe, the difficulty of which was marked “intermediate.”  I was ready, though. This was a thank you supper.


Onions,thyme, carrots, and fennel bulb


Chicken stuffed with thyme, lemon, and garlic. I’d love to tell you I found a seven-legged chicken, but the meat comes from a bulk box I like to buy at the farmer’s market, which this month included one full chicken and five chicken legs among various other meats. I put the chicken on top of the vegetables and baked it.


While it cooked I pulled out the bread and made the salad. It’s a kale salad with a miso tofu dressing garnished with some fennel greens.


I also made some more homemade chocolate, which I hoped would impress despite revealing itself once again to be mostly butter.IMG_20160827_182014951.jpg

The table was a little crowded for the six we expected and we only had four table chairs, so we brought in a desk chair and an exercise ball to supplement.

You know what happened? Most of the party didn’t realize it was happening that day. One guest arrived at a reasonable time and we hung out a while. After waiting an hour I tried to contact our other guests. One noticed that Google Calendar was telling her the wrong time because it had switched to Chinese time without telling her (in China our party happened at 5AM on Sunday). She came as soon as she got the message. We suspect the same thing happened with the other guest, who regretted to inform us that when she thought the event was on Sunday she made other plans for Saturday.IMG_20160827_181758077

Despite that setback, we eventually got to feed most of the people who helped us move. The chicken turned out well and the homemade chocolate was popular; one person had seconds and took even more home! Overall, I think it was the success I kept telling Alice it would be.


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