Alice’s Week

Quite a number of pro-Alice events this week. First of all, more cooking. Alice has been sad about my cooking lately, so I decided to switch it up! I went online and looked for low carb vegetarian meals. This buzzfeed page had a list of 21 options! I skipped all the cheese-based entries and ended up with 11 great meal possibilities to make for Alice! I’ll present the two I made here:

First up: The spaghetti squash boat.


This recipe just calls for baking a halved spaghetti squash for thirty minutes, spaghettifying the insides with a fork, adding salsa (extra spicy for Alice) and an egg and topping with avocados before baking again.


The second time I did this recipe I used an enormous squash that fit two eggs in each half. I also put cheese on mine.IMG_20160901_181948891.jpg

The next recipe may be one of the most expansive I’ve ever done. It takes six ingredients, four of which are cooking exercises in and of themselves:

Herbed lentils. My herb was fennel, since I had leftovers after using the bulb in last week’s chicken


Baked cremini mushrooms in a sesame oil – soy sauce – garlic marinade


Roasted zucchini, cumin-honey-fried tofu, mixed greens, and avocados rounded out this dish.


But wait- why is this Alice’s week? Why not just Alice’s suppers? Well, as it turns out, shortly after Alice and I had gotten into a heated argument about whether marathons were worthwhile,  my work got in touch with me and told me they expected me to do a triathlon. To be fair, it’s a triathlon in pieces. I selected swimming, so when training starts I’ll spend 30 minutes three times a week in SAS’s pool working on my technique. Co-workers thought I was being sarcastic when I said Alice would be thrilled, but she is. As for me, this is a small enough commitment that I don’t mind giving it a shot.


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