At Hanging Rock with Hurricane Matthew

No, we didn’t schedule a park visit to overlap with a hurricane. We also didn’t cancel our visit when the hurricane mentioned he would be there at the same time, though. Let me quickly go over the list of things people might expect:

  • We did not get blown away
  • We did get wet
  • We spent quite a bit of time indoors, but we also visited many of the key sights

One thing Hurricane Matthew was happy to provide us was water. The normally small and streams and waterfalls were much larger, and at least one stream arose from what on an ordinary day would have been a trail.

The waterfalls were spectacular


Some steps became part of another stream once and we had to turn back

Besides that, we played a lot of games and talked about work a lot. One game stands out in particular – BioViva – a game in which players travel the world and answer biology questions to collect “eco-points” from different biomes. It turns out it’s not that simple, though. Once you get a question right, a difficult task in and of itself, instead of gaining an eco-point you draw an eco-point card. Many of these simply describe some small change you make to your habits that helps the environment, but others depict grand truths about the overwhelming importance of environmentalism you suddenly realize and award you more points. My favorites are the ones that take away points. Before you read these, imagine you’ve been playing this game for hours getting questions wrong one after another and finally you successfully guessed the answer to a question like this.

Now see what your prize is:

This is the meanest game I have ever played. For every reason, from heinous crimes it had imagined for us on its own to simple statements amounting to “life isn’t fair” we were punished. It got so bad that one card gave me the opportunity to make someone else lose eco-points and I didn’t take it. I just didn’t feel competitive. It was no longer us versus each other, it was us versus this evil game.

In any case, I recommend parks in hurricanes and BioViva. Good fun.

Alice’s Note: Sam was NOT in hurricane Matthew. He was merely experiencing the rain that was a consequence of the hurricane while safely far far away from the coast where it actually hit. NO ONE should go play in a hurricane.


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