Real Virtuality

I had a password-protected version of this post up briefly when I was trying to send it privately to a couple friends to check it over. What I didn’t expect was that WordPress would email all my followers to tell them there was a new post that they weren’t allowed to see. Needless to say, this entry is no longer password protected. Please enjoy.

Today I entered an underwater paradise full of colorful fish and mysterious tentacled creatures that withdrew when I touched them.


I entered a paintball tournament with people across the world.


I defended my spaceship from an onslaught of violent drones, ducking and weaving to avoid their blasts.IMG_20161015_142227334.jpg

Alice concocted magical potions that caused her to grow to great sizes and control objects with her mind.


She played catch with a suit of armor, enchanted a talking skull to float around the room, and skillfully sliced very apple-like fireballs fired from a gargoyle’s mouth in half.IMG_20161015_152429447_HDR.jpg

When she researched the spell to master all reality*, Alice became overwhelmed with her power and wreaked havoc on her little tower. Vials on their shelves exploded in multi-color blasts, tables, chairs, and astronomy sets spiraled into a cacophonic hurricane. The poor little talking skull took a crossbow bolt to the face and flew away with a yelp. It mattered not to Alice. The whole world** was hers to command, and nothing left would stand in the way between her and ultimate power***…


When our host Joe removed Alice’s headset she reported feeling dizzy and a little nauseous.

*virtual reality

**virtual world

***simulated power


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