Boyfriend Insurance

“Hi Sweetie,

I accidentally hit Salar when I was in Chapel Hill the other day. I don’t remember what he said, but I assure you it was fighting words. It’s mostly cosmetic damage but Wen is going to send you a bill for repairs.

Sorry about that.”

Do you get emails like this?

“At 0500 hours last evening we caught your husband outside, Ma’am. He was wearing a shirt with holes all down the side and a ratty old farmer’s hat that was completely out of place. It was very embarrassing, so we had to issue a ticket.”

Does this sound familiar?

“Yes, criminal neglect of household chores is prosecutable in this state, Ma’am. Bail is set at $1,000”

You need boyfriend insurance. Boyfriend insurance will apply to any male partner in your life. For a simple monthly payment, you are covered when your man does something embarassing, breaks something, fails to clean up, or any number of other things men do.

Hi, I’m Sam, and I’m a boyfriend. Ever since Alice got me insured, I’m feeling much more comfortable being my careless, unfashionable, erratically violent self, and our relationship has never been stronger. Don’t try to get your man to change. Get him insured! Get Boyfriend Insurance™.


2 thoughts on “Boyfriend Insurance”

  1. Does that mean I get paid every time Kai doesn’t do one of his chores? Or is specifically for out of house judgment?


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