The Nerd is the Word

Have you heard?

My co-worker told me that recently he went to a comic convention and saw in broad daylight a man dressed as Superman making out with a conventionally attractive woman dressed as Wonder Woman. This astounded him because when he was a child,

  1. To dress up as superman was not known to attract women.
  2. It would be difficult at a comic convention to find a woman, let alone impress one.

He also told me he liked to play D&D, but he had to be private about it because his church had declared it a product of Satan. His D&D did not include any women.

You can imagine his reaction when I told him my church’s minister Sasha had led several games of D&D and invited me to start a new campaign for a group of attenders, mostly young women. In fact, she invited me to lead many more campaigns than I possibly have time for.

Maybe it isn’t news, but D&D is more mainstream than it’s ever been, attempts to suppress Harry Potter as the Devil’s work have been completely unsuccessful, and Hollywood sometimes seems to have more people dressed as superheroes than dressed in regular clothes. Oh, and the leaders of the most powerful companies in the world are computer geeks. It seems tragic to me that any nerd had to live in a time where this was not the case.


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