Mother’s Day: “Born a Crime”

You may know Trevor Noah as the better looking but less inspiring South African successor to Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. But do you really know him? No, you don’t. Unless you do, in which case I am honored to have a personal friend or relation of Trevor Noah reading my blog. Otherwise, this mother’s day you might come to know him better if you read his memoir, “Born a Crime.”

Now hold on, you might rightly ask, Trevor Noah isn’t a mother. You’re right there. However, he did have a mother. Trevor’s relationship with his mother suffuses his entire book, and it is one to remember. In turns hilarious, heartwarming, harrowing, and heartbreaking, “Born a Crime” describes apartheid South Africa through a series of beautiful vignettes of a little mixed race boy, and a God-and-nothing-else-fearing-woman who kept him alive and made him who he is today.



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