The Last Days of Whole30

This was going to be the grand opening of my technical blog, but I ran into, well, technical difficulties. Not only does not support Jupyter notebooks (a pretty web-based way of presenting data science), Dropbox and Google Drive have both disabled their own simple webpage publishing options. Now I have to go buy another service just to put my data science work online! I was going to rush to do it today, but I’ve put it off until next week instead.

I am now racing through towards the end of Whole30. My meals are steamed asparagus and Harris Teeter rotisserie chicken. I’m on my fourth chicken now. I have made it through three experiments thus far:

Legumes – my peanut butter soymilk smoothie made me feel sick. I never got a chance to have more beans at the Thanksgiving dinner, so it’s very possible that this is just a matter of it being too rich, or the soymilk being expired. The reaction was mild, fortunately.

Grains – I did not have much of any reaction to the quinoa, but I did have energy issues the next day. Energy issues the next day don’t seem conclusive to me, so this is another unresolved experiment.

Dairy – I had a quarter pound of smoked gouda over the course of the day with no reaction.

Next up on Wednesday is gluten. Whole30 puts it last because it is apparently the king of foods with short-term health hazards. I have my eye on some croissants on the front island at my local Harris Teeter. Really, to reasonably run this test, I should eat all of them, right?

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One thought on “The Last Days of Whole30”

  1. I would love to eat some croissants with you, just to be in sympathy with your experiment! Keep eating! PS the smoked Gouda sounds good,too.

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