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Sam’s Blog Classic: Wolfman

This is a re-post from August 21st, 2011. At this time I had just moved in to North Carolina State University.mypicture

So, I get to NC State, and move into Wolf Village on Wolf Village Way. A statue of a wolf greets me at the door. From Wolf Village I take the Wolfline bus and pick up some Wolfpack T-shirts for my parents. After I get back I need to print an employment eligibility form, so I go down to the computing center and log on to WolfPrint (through the WolfNet service) and attempt to print my document, but a picture of an anthropomorphic wolf with empty pockets informs me that I need to bump up my print quota. Unfortunately, it’s unwise to give credit card information on a public computer, so I have to take my Wolfmobile back to my Wolfcave. Shimmying down the wolfpole I find my wallet next to my wolferang and a few cans of wolf-Shark repellent. All this going back and forth was making me hungry, so as I drove the Wolfmobile back to the computing lab I wolfed down a bag of wolf wolfs and also wolfed the wolf wolf wolf all the way to wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf. Wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf-wolf, wolf wolf wolf. Wolf.

I have now written the word “Wolf” enough that it no longer looks like a real word to me. This is called Jamais Vu, the sense that a familiar experience is somehow unfamiliar. It is the opposite of the more well-known Deja Vu. Presque Vu is the term for something on the tip of one’s tongue that one just barely can’t remember. Of the three it’s the easiest to work into normal conversation, I’ve found.

Anyway, my roommates are really chill, and have presented no issues that have significantly impacted my ability to sleep. I am already feeling really busy, even though I have hardly done anything yet, so I’m not entirely certain what that portends. Mostly I expect I just have to finish getting settled and I’ll be fine.


You are so awesome.


While en wolf route, I recommend several stops: the home of Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, the homes of the three little pigs, and that pond (over there!) with the duck in it. This will save you a few wolf bucks because you won’t need to buy as many bags of wolf wolfs. Cheers, Canis Lupis
Who is Canis Lupis???
I must know!
That was me, Sam, by the way.

The Secret to Business Casual (Featuring: Batman!)

Batman understands business casual

It’s 9:00 AM. I’m in the Chicago O’hare airport heading to a conference, and I keep getting looks. No matter where I am, people walking by glance my way. I’m thinking it might be my solid purple, slightly shiny button-down shirt that fewer than twelve hours ago was not part of my wardrobe at all. This describes as much as half the clothing in my pack.

Ok, let’s rewind to twelve hours ago: It was 9:00 PM Saturday night, and I was putting together my clothes for the trip. I briefly wondered whether my clothes were sufficiently professional, so I knocked on my roommate Nate’s door. Nate looked briefly at my clothes, pointed at a red plaid button-down and said “this one is appropriate.” I looked at it and asked if anyone would notice that the shirt pocket was starting to detach at the top. Nate looked again, thought, and declared that none of my shirts are appropriate for a business casual gathering. “Uh,” I say, but Nate is already onto the next thought. “We need to go shopping. When do you leave? Next week?”
Minutes later we were at Kohl’s, the only place open that late. Nate told me to expect to pay upwards of $500.  “Heck, no.” was the first though that came to my mind. “Yeah, sure,” was what I said. Pleased with my resounding agreement, Nate left me at a belt rack and  came back with a Kohl’s associate. One tape measurer, five shirts, three pairs of pants and two blazers later, I was in a dressing room.

The Kohl’s associate told me all I needed to do was mix dark and light – if I had a dark blazer and dark undershirt, I wore light pants; light pants, light blazer, dark undershirt. Boom, business casual and style. Magic. Apparently this applies not only to normal, blue, grey and brown shirts, but to a veritable rainbow of shirts, ranging from purple to orange. In fact, after I got three blue shirts, Nate and the associate started warning me against more blue. Apparently if you wear the same color multiple days in a row, people notice and get weirded out. This, as it was explained to me, would be a big deal regarding my success in this conference and my career in general.For this reason it was also important that I buy not only the blazer that was eighty percent off, but another light blazer at the full price, $200.

I didn’t buy the second blazer. After over half-off overall in discounts I spent $400 on my new wardrobe. Nate for his part was astounded that I managed not to break $500. Now I have a dark grey blazer, a purple shirt, an orange shirt, two green shirts, and three blue shirts, all of which, if I wear them right, will be business casual. Nate says I will be “lookin’ sharp” as well, although I’m no judge of that. Unfortunately, I’m morally opposed to selfies, so you’ll have to take this picture as a rough approximation of what I look like:

Just add a dark blazer and Pow! Biff! Business casual!