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Whole30 Approved

I keep running out of food. No matter how much I think I’ve made it never lasts as long as I expect it to. To help me fill in the gaps, I bought twenty five “Chomps” snack sticks – think additive-free Slim Jim.


In a somewhat schizophrenic move, Whole30’s own rules forbid the consumption of “treats with ‘approved’ ingredients,” even as they happily stamp their logo on exactly that.


I can hardly blame them, really. It’s the conflict between what I’m sure is a sincere desire to help people change their lives and a need to make profit as a company. It makes me wonder if the use of the word “approved” in quotes is a deliberate jab from the one part of the company with the other. In any case, I think I won’t buy any more snack sticks. Probably just try to get more efficient with my hard-boiled eggs. Those dang things are so hard to peel.