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A view looking up from beneath The Bean
Tile patterns in the Chicago Cultural Center
Notice the swastikas in the designs. This building was built well before WWII made the symbol anathema in western culture.
An inaccessible central courtyard is full of ladders and rope bridges to nowhere
One of many ornate glass ceilings in the Cultural Center
Thousands of dog tags from MIA soldiers in the Vietnam War above escalators at the Chicago Public Library. A touchscreen allows patrons to search for their loved ones.
Chicago deep dish pizza
Dipped Italian beef sandwich


The creation of a mad confectioner
A federal prison looms in Chicago, built flat to satisfy the founder’s deeply held belief that the third dimension is a privilege for the law abiding.

Note on the jokes:

The apparently flat federal prison in Chicago was not actually designed to satisfy a benefactor’s belief in depriving inmates of the third dimension.