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Cursed [Free Writing]

“Fie!” Linde sniffed, tearing the meat from his pork loin. “If you say we must live among the poor then we must, but we needn’t eat like them.” I couldn’t believe the audacity of him to have his servant bring him his usual dinner during a pilgrimage of humility.

“Yes, we need,” I admonished. “If you’re going to eat that, at least share with everyone.” I gestured at the men and women sitting up from their beds of rags to stare.

“Hmph,” he grunted, tossing a bone in their direction.

“A bone isn’t enough if you’re going to beat that curse.”

Linde scowled, sunk his teeth into another mouthful of meat and looked away.

“Agh.” I looked back at the onlookers, “I’m so sorry, it’s just his curse that makes him act this way. He’s really a good person.”

The few not distracted fighting over the bone seemed unconvinced. Linde seemed completely absorbed in his supper.

“Let me undastand,” said one with matted hair and a lazy eye, “‘the curse makes ‘im a scoundrel so ‘es gotta lift the curse by not bein’ a scoundrel.”


“That don’t seem fair.”

“Not really, no.”

“How long ‘as he been cursed?” asked a little girl carrying an armless, legless stuffed bear.

“As long as I’ve known him.”

“How did he get cursed?” asked the man.

“No one knows except the King. He won’t say.”

“So he’s cursed to be a scoundrel and the only way to lift the curse is just to learn not to be one, and he’s always had the curse and no one will say where it came from.” confirmed the man, exchanging  a glance with the little girl.

I glanced back at Linde, who was running his fingers on the gold plate and licking them.

“Is ‘e cursed to be a slob, too?” asked the little girl. I couldn’t tell if she was being serious.

“Ah,” I said.

“Do you think ‘e might jus’ be a normal scoundrel?” asked the man.

“Ah,” I hesitated, then I bent in close, “don’t let the king hear you say that.”



Festival of Legends

Festival of Legends is known as a “fairy festival.” It’s different from a renaissance fair in that a renaissance fair seeks some semblance of historical accuracy, while a fairy festival throws all that out of the window.


This means there are dragons in the lake and for sale at the “dragon merchant”


Horns and elf-ears abound.


You can watch a fairy play the harp.


Or a 300-style spartan throw an axe way above a target.


This event was a lesson for me that I need to take many more pictures. Not pictured:

  • A dragon selling ice cream
  • An ice wizard druid elf
  • A coffin you can lay in and get your picture


Write a story about the moment when everything changed

This is actually a small fragment of a novel I’d like to write. Fantasy novels are such undertakings, but maybe someday.

It was the sort of freak occurrence that would have reverberating effects throughout the realm for generations. Imagine a horse falling out of the sky over your head. Now imagine it has razor sharp talons and a beak designed to rend struggling flesh from the bone. Imagine your mother falling down to protect you.

Try to tell that woman’s husband, that child’s father, that this is one out of a whole forest. Try to tell them the role in the ecosystem, protecting us from those who would take these woods for themselves. Tell the frightened, shouting masses to be calm. Just try to tell them to think about what they are about to do.

In the year of the wise man, the dry season, to raucous applause, Alisair Greenwarden overturned millenia-old protections. Laws so old they may well have been written by a congress of demigods and forest spirits. The leaves fell around us, brown and brittle, descending from the swaying trees who may have been young when these laws were first drafted, whose judging whispers we would never understand.

How one tragedy leads to another. That child. That poor, helpless babe whose mother died to protect her. She will never know a time before taxidermied gryphons stood in the sacred hall. Before eager young men wore necklaces of gryphon claws and wove elaborate fables about their latest kill. Before our people turned against our own protectors.


Featured Art – http://www.sarina-brewer.com/gallery/taxidermy-art-fantasy.html