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Radish green smoothie

We’re trying just a little bit of the Wahl’s protocol. Instead of worrying about what not to eat, we’re just trying to get 9 cups per day of vegetables. This leads to lovely trips to the farmer’s market. There were some clever vegetable signs in honor of the season.

It also leads to recipes like the one below.

My radish greens were maybe as long as my elbow to the tip of my fingers and there were about six of them. It would be daunting to try to eat them directly, so put them in the blender.

Don’t bother de-stemming the greens. Don’t peel, but do core the apple.

  • All of your radish greens (any greens will do)
  • 1 big apple
  • A tablespoon of lemon juice
  • Soymilk to desired thickness
  • Three handfuls of peanuts
  • One banana

Another recipe involves finely chopping (perhaps with a food processor) whatever vegetables you have in the fridge and cooking them in a non-stick wok with some grass-fed meat. I used ground beef, which I browned in olive oil with garlic and set aside before adding the other ingredients.

It’s all pretty good, and relatively easy to cook, which is one of my main drivers. Apparently we should see the results of eating this huge amount of vegetables within a few weeks.