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Life after Whole30

That’s it, it’s over. In experimentation, I didn’t have any dramatic reaction to anything as far as I’m concerned, so moving forward will simply be a matter of moderation. I still don’t like to waste food, though, so do you remember the cheesy quinoa with ground sausage I had been planning to eat before I started this diet? Well, now I’ve taken it out of the freezer and incorporated it into an egg bake. The bake is now significantly richer than before, and sits heavily in my stomach, and it wasn’t even half of the cheesy quinoa I’d made. Nevertheless, it’s a victory to keep it out of compost.

As advertised, part of the benefit of Whole30 is not only to learn sensitivities but to change my relationship with food. Now I don’t feel like giving up the sugary sauce on my meat in the SAS cafeteria means I’m depriving my life of joy. In my rambling after the wedding, I suggested that it might change my relationship with a number of things. After spending a month internalizing the virtue of self-denial, it would stick with me.

To be fair, it hasn’t revolutionized everything. I still have perhaps more than my share of vices, but I have learned to appreciate self-denial, and I may give myself more 30-day challenges to try and change my lifestyle. Here are a couple I’ve thought of already:

  • Nirvana 30 – For thirty days, entertain no thoughts of how things could be better or could get worse. I’d have to figure out a good threshold over which I’d have to start over, because avoiding thoughts is harder than avoiding food.
  • No Loaf 30 – For thirty days, all activities must be either productive or social.
  • Smile 30 – For thirty days, entertain no negative thoughts. When they arise, just say “It’s Smile 30, and I’ll deal with it next month.” Exceptions can be made for urgent matters.
  • Slow 2 – If you tend to speak before thinking, count to five before you say anything for two days. Probably a weekend, since it’s unlikely your co-workers will indulge your bizarre behavior.

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