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This entry is late. I won’t hide it. I own it. However, I told myself if I got it in today I could say I didn’t miss it, which is important when you like to say “I’ve never missed an entry in ten years.”

Last weekend, Nydia and I drove west. We went all the way to Tennessee, but it didn’t stop there. We ended up pretty far north, and crossed the border into Virginia…


…Or we thought we did. That’s a Tennessee state flag right after the “welcome to Virginia” sign.


The kitsch was almost entirely Virginia.


I exited the kitsch shop and saw that on my side of the street, the flags were Virginia flags. The Tennessee flags were on the other side of the street.


As it turns out, this town is in both Tennessee and Virginia. It’s a border town, and the main street runs right on the border.

I really wanted to find a kitsch shop on the Tennessee side that sold almost all Tennessee kitsch, but people just stared at me blankly when I said the word “kitsch,” and Nydia was getting very cold, so I had to give up.