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I was visiting my family and we were in a bookstore. When she was halfway down the aisle with my sister, my mother looked back and said to my father and me, “why don’t you all go to the men’s store?”

“What is the men’s store?” I thought. It sounded like someplace I wouldn’t want to take my father.

Thankfully, a “men’s store” is just a store for men’s clothing. It turns out my parents got a gift certificate to a place called Julian’s in a silent auction. The gift certificate was $200. I jokingly suggested that we might be able to get two ties for that much.IMG_20170429_122623269.jpg

As it turned out, we would be able to get one tie ($125). Another and we’d be over budget. IMG_20170429_122632903_HDR.jpg

I looked at the shirts and saw one I liked. It was $150. We wondered how we’d use up the rest of the gift card, and the clerk said we could get a “pocket square” for roughly $50.


A “pocket square,” the clerk explained, is a piece of cloth that one folds and places in one’s shirt pocket. Presumably for fashion purposes. He cheerfully demonstrated.

Photo used with permission

I looked in my shirt pocket and saw that I had my drinking straw from the meal I’d eaten an hour before. My dad decided to buy a tie pin, for keeping one’s tie from flapping around in windy weather, to use up the last $50.

In the end, the medium size of the shirt was too small for me and the large was too large, so we decided to find a more socialite friend who might make better use of this gift card.