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Ridgefield and NYC

Over the weekend I have not had a moment to offer an update. I have been out and about in Connecticut and New York City packing my days with activities. Now I’m in Bermuda and things have slowed down to the point that I can take a little time to report. I have marked statements not meant to be taken as literal fact with “*”.


A visit to NYC is not complete without a stop in Ridgefield Connecticut to visit my old college roommate, Greg. COVER ART: A somewhat menacing woven tapestry of swans in the Aldrige Museum of Modern Art in Ridgefield.

Start the day with pancake tacos.
A lovely little Native American zombie girl* adorns the wall in the Ridgefield magic shop, where Nydia picked up some trinkets to share with her friends at home.
In the Ridgefield bookstore we learn that Dr. Seuss wrote at least one book for people in their second childhoods as well as his better known books aimed at the first.


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Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” gives readers a friendly introduction to the realms of madness of which men do not speak*.

A tour of Greg’s apartment complex. This is a gym.
A sweet potato veggie burger wrapped in collard greens at Bare Burger
A server at Galo moves pasta to a plate from a partly hollowed out Parmigiano Reggiano wheel.

New York City

In NYC we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Quite a few of the art installments in the East Asia section were just weird rocks
“What if dew were really big?” (2007)*
Nazi vase. Just kidding. This is a vase from before 1940.
Ancient instruments. Proof that music has been going downhill since 2000 BC.*
The pharaoh nobody likes to talk about*
“Enormous bird and unlucky human” (c. 1897 BC)*
Finger and toe caps found in a sarcophagus

Next week: Bermuda!


A view looking up from beneath The Bean

Tile patterns in the Chicago Cultural Center

Notice the swastikas in the designs. This building was built well before WWII made the symbol anathema in western culture.

An inaccessible central courtyard is full of ladders and rope bridges to nowhere

One of many ornate glass ceilings in the Cultural Center

Thousands of dog tags from MIA soldiers in the Vietnam War above escalators at the Chicago Public Library. A touchscreen allows patrons to search for their loved ones.

Chicago deep dish pizza

Dipped Italian beef sandwich


The creation of a mad confectioner

A federal prison looms in Chicago, built flat to satisfy the founder’s deeply held belief that the third dimension is a privilege for the law abiding.

Note on the jokes:

The apparently flat federal prison in Chicago was not actually designed to satisfy a benefactor’s belief in depriving inmates of the third dimension.

Terrestrial Fauna of Terra Australis Incognita


The Caverns

A little while back Nydia and I went to Bristol Caverns in Tennessee. Here are some pictures from it.

The Bridal Veil formation

Sad masked cyclops

The tour guide described this formation as looking like the United States, but Nydia pointed out it also looks like Batman, who is more famous than the United States.

A shadowy toucan chews on a rock formation

A baby stalagmite, just seventy years old

A dragon made from the souls of the dead


This entry is late. I won’t hide it. I own it. However, I told myself if I got it in today I could say I didn’t miss it, which is important when you like to say “I’ve never missed an entry in ten years.”

Last weekend, Nydia and I drove west. We went all the way to Tennessee, but it didn’t stop there. We ended up pretty far north, and crossed the border into Virginia…


…Or we thought we did. That’s a Tennessee state flag right after the “welcome to Virginia” sign.


The kitsch was almost entirely Virginia.


I exited the kitsch shop and saw that on my side of the street, the flags were Virginia flags. The Tennessee flags were on the other side of the street.


As it turns out, this town is in both Tennessee and Virginia. It’s a border town, and the main street runs right on the border.

I really wanted to find a kitsch shop on the Tennessee side that sold almost all Tennessee kitsch, but people just stared at me blankly when I said the word “kitsch,” and Nydia was getting very cold, so I had to give up.

Lost in Austin

I went to Austin, Texas a while back and wandered around. This is from a series of Facebook posts I made while getting lost in the woods.

Walking through an empty, interminable forest trail.


A barking dog echoes in the distance…

I’m not sure I’ll find an exit soon wandering along this dried creek bed.

I see a house! But it’s on a steep dirt incline.


A six foot stone wall! I’ll have to travel alongside to see if there’s a way through.

An exit!

Back to civilization.