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Ulf Hellsten

First of all, let me present a picture, since it is now an easy thing for me to do.

A squirrel I mentioned in an earlier post. Notice how he has found a particular spot on the tree where he can perch and stare directly at me for minutes at a time.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about a package I got from one Ulf Hellsten of Winston Salem, North Carolina.  I have never met Ulf, but I received a package from him yesterday nevertheless. It contained no notes or letter of any kind, only a DVD-R in a case with the hand-written title “ZERO 9/11.” As one might expect, the movie was about the conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks.

At first looking at this movie it almost seemed like I wouldn’t be able to play it at all, but eventually I got it to work by switching to a different media player on my computer. Watching it on the DVD, you can see tracking lines like it was originally edited on VHS, and there are brief moments of blue where the film was cut together.  Sometimes the film repeats entire minutes of interviews. Other times to provide emphasis it replays someone’s most important words again immediately after they finish speaking. This makes the documentary seem briefly more like a techno song.

Currently the theory of why this was sent to me is that Mr. Hellsten saw my letter to the editor on Syria and decided that I might be receptive to his film. Because the News and Observer does not publish submitters’ addresses, Ulf probably found my address on my resume, which is posted online. This is my permanent address, which is at the moment my parents’ address, so the video was sent there. I have a return address, so now I just have to decide if it’s worth my time to find an envelope and stamps to mail this guy my email so he can tell me if my theory of why he mailed me this thing in the first place is correct.